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Welcome to Spark Promotions Ltd.

In the modern World of Marketing, Brands throughout the World are constantly seeking out new ways of connecting with their customers. The media channels have become fragmented and this has led Marketers into a new way of thinking, from experiential marketing to Social networking but it has also highlighted the importance to engage the customer. This is where Promotional merchandise becomes an integral part of the Marketing mix. Spark Promotions has been working with major international Brands to translate their marketing concepts into effective promotional merchandise. This is what true integrated marketing is all about, combining the latest technology and media with physical product that translate your marketing concepts.

Spark Promotions help clients by working with them and helping them to understand the importance of utilizing promotional merchandise as part of their overall strategic marketing plan. We don’t just provide branded products, we provide marketing solutions that engage the recipient and thus connect with the Brand.

Here at Spark Promotions, we still passionately believe in the fundamentals of business: good service and value for money. These fundamentals are instilled in each member of our team and form the basis of our core values. It is the people at Spark that are the real difference between success and failure.